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    Mechanical plants

      • Verification of Energy Requirements in Buildings and related Certification;

      • Plant verification for Energy Savings;

      • Technological Power Plants and Substations (Thermal and Stores);

      • Thermo hydraulic, Heating ,and Air Conditioning Plants;

      • HVAC Air Handling and Distribution;

      • Drainage

      • Water Supply

      • Solar Thermal System

      • Geothermal System

      • Co-generation Plants and Tri-generation System

      • Medical and Technical Gas Pipeline Systems

      • Automatic Regulation Systems;

      • Supply Methane Pipeline

      • Industrial Plants (Steam, Recovery Steam Condensate, Pressurized Air, Diathermic Oil, Distribution Technologic Fluid, etc...).



















    Safety system

      • Static Fire Fighting System (fire hydrant, hose reel...);
      • Automatic Fire Fighting System (sprinkler, gas…);

      • Fire Fighting Pumping Station;

      • Final Fire Safety Master Plan;



    Electrical plants

      • Electric Power Sistem MV/LV;

      • Stand by Generators;

      • Power Wiring;

      • Low-voltage switchboards;

      • Lighting System;

      • Solar Photovoltaic Power System.



    Electrical Special Plants

      • Supervision System;

      • Fire Alarm System;

      • CO explosive mixture Detection Systems;

      • Voice Communication System;

      • Intrusion System and Control Access;

      • Closed circuit TV;

      • Emergency Voice Alarm;

      • Communication Systems;

      • Telephone systems ad data transmission;

      • Lighting Protection Systems;

      • TV Systems.



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